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Meet Olga Bykina, the Founder and Chief Lunch Lady of Fablunch. In the summer of 2008, armed with a strong desire to help, Olga went on a volunteer trip to Argentina. She worked with the most vulnerable children in the poorest parts of the country. After witnessing the effects of poverty and hunger firsthand, her desire to help only grew. She knew she wanted to do something about it, but she wasn't sure what or how.

As a young professional, Olga often found it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when it came to eating a healthy and balanced lunch. She spent several years learning about nutrition and healthy living, and in 2012 she started the Fablunch YouTube channel (short for Fabulous lunch) where she shares her favourite recipes for quick and healthy lunches. 

While conducting her lunchbox experiments, Olga was constantly disappointed with lunch containers that were available in the marketplace. After spending months of searching for the perfect lunch container, Olga had her epiphany: she could marry the two ideas together and create a great product that gives back. Namely, she could create the lunch container she wished she had that would guarantee 10 free school lunches to children in developing countries. Fablunch turned into For a better lunch, a promise to provide hope for a better lunch and a better tomorrow.

By the end of 2014, the Fablunch container was born. It had all the important features she was looking for in a great lunch container: durability, resistance to leakage, safety and practicality. But most importantly, it provided a way to help children in need in a continuous manner.