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At Fablunch, we aim to provide a better lunch and a better life. We do this by inspiring consumers to make healthier choices when preparing and packing lunches and giving them a chance to help children in need. For every item purchased, 10 nourishing school lunches are served to kids in need. 

Social Impact

We believe that consumers want to use their purchasing power for a greater good to positively impact lives of others. That is why we started For a better lunch movement. Every consumer that purchases a Fablunch container gives children around the world hope for a better lunch and a better tomorrow. 


Even though social responsibility is at the core of our business, we never compromise quality. Each Fablunch container is extremely durable and leakproof. It is made with love out of 100% LFGB-approved food-grade silicone. Unlike plastic containers that leach dangerous chemicals into your food, silicone containers are naturally BPA-free and are completely safe for food storage. Due to their high resistance to high and low temperatures, our Fablunch containers are safe to use in microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. 


Small things matter. The unique design of our Fablunch containers allows them to be collapsed to half of their original size for portability and storage. The easy-open lid is vented to slowly release steam during cooking. 


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more complicated. A lot of people are finding themselves stuck in a lunch rut. That makes us very sad because, as you can probably guess, lunch is our favourite meal of the day. To address these challenges, we share with you our favourite quick and healthy lunch ideas on our blog and YouTube channel.

We invite you to joining us on the Fablunch movement.